Thursday, October 14, 2010

Trailing of the Sheep Festival 2010

This past weekend was very exciting for Kookaburra. We were invited to participate in the 14th Annual Trailing of the Sheep Festival. So Laurie, co-owner of Kookaburra, along with her mother and sister, packed up and went on a little road trip from Colorado to Idaho.

It was a family fun weekend that celebrated the people, cultures and traditions of sheep ranching in Idaho and the west. Many of beloved customers came out to meet us and experience music, workshops, cooking lessons, knitting classes, photography, paintings, dancing, competitions and more!

We had a great time introducing Kookaburra to new customers and friends. If you weren't able to make it out this year we hope to see you at the next one! But for now, here are some photos from our trip:

Sheep hearding at the festival:

Dawn, mother of the 3 owners of Kookaburra at the Kookaburra Booth:

The market from Kookaburra's view:

The market:

Hailey, ID Trailing of the Sheep Festival October 10, 2010:

A cute kid dressed as a sheep at the festival:

These are some of the beautiful sheep at the festival:

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Kooka News Volume 2 Issue 8

Happy Fall everyone! It's time for the last issue of Kooka News this year. Volume 2 Issue 8 is out!

Inside this issue:
Look What Kookaburra Can Do!
Stinkbug Infestation
Sheepskin Rugs Reborn
No More Skunk Smell
A Real Value
Sheepskin Saddle Pads
Emu Boots
Important Holiday Closures

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