Tuesday, July 7, 2009

True Story: Power Cleans Carpet

In November of 2008 my family and I moved into an older home. The room my son moved into had these terrible dark spots on the carpet, right in the middle of his room. But before I could get to them to try to get the spots out he had already covered them up with his bed and a 5 x8 throw rug. 1 1/2 years later it was time to move and I had totally forgotten about the spots... that is until we were moving out his bedroom furniture to paint the room. I panicked when I saw the old spots! I actually couldn't sleep the night I re-discovered them. I had no idea what the spots were or how long they had been there. I thought maybe it was oil, hair dye or chocolate.

How could I rent out a house with carpet in that shape?!

And how was I going to tell my husband 6 days before we were moving we needed to replace the carpet in one of the bedrooms?!

While we were painting the room I decided to spray Kookaburra Power, diluted in a spray bottle on one of the spots on the carpet to see if it would get anything out. I let it sit for a few minutes them scrubbed the spot with a old white t-shirt and the spot came up! I was amazed and thrilled! So I quickly sprayed all the spots, let the Power do it's job and then my children and I sat with clean white rags and scrubbed the spots right out of the carpet.

The pictures were taken before I steamed cleaned my carpet with my Hoover Steam Cleaner, which I also used Kookaburra Power in. You would never know the spots were ever there!

True Story from Heidi, Owner of ABL Development, Home of Kookaburra

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