Friday, March 13, 2009

Got Facebook or Twitter?

So do we! As a small family run business we know money doesn't grow on trees, and the more places we can advertise Kookaburra that wont break the bank, the better. To get our name out there we've created pages on both Facebook and Twitter (as well this blog you are reading). We are hoping this word of mouth campaign will help us promote Kookaburra's earth friendly products and allow us to become a household name. Besides, this is great way for us to see our fans and get feedback from the people who matter most!

We joined the Facebook revolution a few months ago. Check us out to see our photos, company info, updates, upcoming sales and more. So become a fan and leave us your feedback.

And just this week we learned how to use Twitter and created a page of our own. Please find us and become a follower to show your support for Kookaburra.

We at Kookaburra feel very passionate about all of our products (Wash, Delicate, Power and Scour). Our goal is to educate people about our environmentally conscious products, and give them a way to respect Earth as much as we do. We can't thank you enough for supporting us and showing your love to Kookaburra. We give it back to you 110%!

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